Stainless steel technical furniture
for surgical and hospital environments.

The essence of our work is to provide modular structures that enhance the characteristics of safety, durability, eco-sustainability, and hygiene. The choice of easily sanitized materials and the absence of gaps contribute to the achievement of the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness.

All furnishings can also be provided with antibacterial protection for an additional level of defense against the risk of bacterial contamination. That’s why LASA is synonymous with quality in all technical furnishing solutions to support personal and well-being.

Through ergonomic and functional design, our partners can rely on maximum practicality in installations and ease of use for operators.

Operating Rooms

We create setups and elements for surgical environments and operating rooms, including wall-mounted recessed cabinets, interlocking pass-through cabinets, interlocking dirty-clean pass-through tunnels, pass boxes for instruments, viewing windows, air intake channels, surgical scrub sinks and preparation/storage cabinets.

Handwashing and Surgical Scrub Sinks

Proper hand hygiene is one of the most important actions to reduce the spread of pathogens and prevent infections. LASA provides surgical scrub sinks made of Stainless Steel and/or Corian, equipped with water, soap and disinfectant dispensers, both mechanical and electronic version. They are available in 1, 2 and 3 station configurations, in a wide range of combinations, and also customized to fit specific needs.

Medical Logistics Solutions

Complete and integrated storage solutions with dust barriers, ideal for the medical sector. Aware that furnishing healthcare environments is a complex matter that requires countless considerations regarding spaces and materials, we have developed the ISO 60-40 Modular System, which represents the ideal solution for safely storing, conserving and handling all medicines and medical devices. Modular solutions that accommodate both setups with sides for the use of trays, baskets, and trays in various types and setups with racks for the customized positioning of shelves and pull-out frames. The modules are available in stainless steel, painted steel or pre-coated steel. Each solution can be provided with antibacterial coating and can be integrated with many other accessories.

General Logistics and Handling

Trolleys and shelving for a variety of uses. Designed to support and transport medical and technical instruments and materials. Trolleys equipped with non-marking swivel wheels with anti-tracking and braking system.

Stainless Steel Technical Furnishings

Stainless steel furnishing solutions for hospital and healthcare environments that perfectly meet the essential requirements of safety, cleanliness, hygiene, durability, and ergonomics.

Ward Kitchens for Hospitals and Clinics

Professional ward kitchens for hospitals and communities, built according to the needs of healthcare and nursing staff. Elements made completely of AISI 304 Stainless Steel or painted or pre-coated steel, offering a wide range of modules and accessories to create complete and functional setups.

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Cutting-edge Furnishings for the Hospital Sector

Our team has designed numerous professional furnishing solutions. For this reason, we invite you to consult our catalog so that you can independently and freely explore the options that best suit your needs.