Stainless Steel Design Kitchens

For a kitchen that will last choose stainless steel

We design and create high-end kitchens that are born from the combination of elegance, sophistication, material selection, and craftsmanship. Stainless steel kitchens that are simply exclusive.

Steelexell Kitchens

Steelexell to create modern and design solutions that meet the multiple needs of essentiality, durability, and functionality in the environment where they are installed, thanks to the use of the base material, stainless steel, naturally precious and indestructible. The Steelexell Kitchen, entirely made of stainless steel, allows you to adapt each module to the available spaces, creating special compositions that are aesthetically refined and always trend-setting even over the years.

Steelive Kitchens

Creating luxury, complex, and customized solutions. With Steelive, it is possible to meet interesting and ambitious proposals for refined environments designed by the best Architects and Designers. Unique and personalized solutions for those seeking an exclusive environment where they can fully enjoy the kitchen space. Elegant and refined design, a project with a strong personality, purity, and harmony.

Steelinox Kitchens

At home, just like in a restaurant, Home Restaurants are a phenomenon that is spreading all over the world, allowing cooking enthusiasts to make the most of their passion and to meet informally and socialize. To organize your Home Restaurant effectively and experience the atmosphere of an industrial kitchen, discover the wide range of solutions.

Outdoor Kitchens

Quality and sophistication even in your outdoor spaces with our outdoor kitchen solutions. Thanks to the quality of stainless steel, the design solutions suggested for the outdoor environment can maintain their aesthetic, functional, and quality characteristics unchanged. The stainless steel kitchen, ideal for outdoor environments, is built to last, and you can be sure it will remain unchanged over time.

Ergonomic Kitchens

The ergonomic kitchen is the ideal solution, designed to make you feel free to experiment in your kitchen. Up-down solutions to help you in your daily activities, cultivate passions and desires, and fully enjoy your kitchen space.

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Innovative Lines for Refined Kitchens

Our team has designed numerous professional furnishing solutions. For this reason, we invite you to consult our catalog so that you can independently and freely explore the options that best suit your needs.